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 Ponúkam originálny suvenír od Pelého - nepoužitý - nový žltý dres s číslom 10 a vlastnoručným podpisom na drese. Pelé poslal svoj dres na Slovensko v r. 1973. K dresu je aj originána vlajočka FC Santos. Dres bol publikovaný aj s majiteľom v športovom časopise ŠTART v r. 1973.

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For sell The Original new t-shirt of Pele with original autograph - hand signed and two small flags FC Santos

Translation of a letter from Portugal language.

Dear Mr. Bozsik,

I heard that for 70 years you have been an admirer of the same sport, to which I also devoted my life. I am a fan of Central European sports, particularly Hungarian football. Please accept this small gift as a sign of my appreciation.

Santos,  VI. 1973,  Brasil


Mr. Bozsik dressed by Pele itself

Sometimes, trade negotiations may result in unpredictable aftermath. Especially, when it happen in Brazil – 3 times winner of the world football championship, then it is likely to start discussing this game. Along back, representative of the Hungarian board of trade, making dealings about shipments of coffee in the city of Santos, did mention his 75 year old uncle, former excellent football player, living in city of Košice. This little mention was catch by coach of FC Santos football team and then shared his knowledge about interesting foreigner from faraway country, to Pele. Then, “king of the football” make his decision – to send a souvenir to our stranger from Košice...

One day on summer, postman rings in the courtyard oh Hlavná 46 in Košice. Address card on the door says: Mr. František Bozsik, piano sales. Goodman opens the door and received the package. Then, after opened and examined content of the package, he hardly kept straight standing on his feet. There was an letter written by typewriter on top of the content. Few sentences in Portugal, signed by Pele. And the content itself ? Brand new yellow dress with FC Santos symbol and original signature of the most famous Brazilian footballer on it, of course with big number 10 – traditional sign of Pele, on the back of the dress. Besides, there was even two club flags belonging to the football representative of this world famous coffee-city.


This text was published in The journal START - Oktober 1973. Full text and photos of The magazine I will sent to your email.
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